10 Things you Need to do Before Listing your Home

November 14, 2018

Listing your home can be a stressful time, but it can also be a wonderful time to reflect on all you’ve built over the last few years. Once you’ve reminisced about the good ole days it’s time to focus on moving forward to better things and get your home sold!


10 Things you Need to do Before

Listing your Home



1. Change paint to a neutral tone. Everyone has their own taste, and while you might think that bright red color is absolutely awesome, not everyone will think the same. The object is to allow the buyer to be able to visualize themselves in that space. Change the color to allow that process to happen naturally.


2. Clean your floors and carpets. When a prospective buyer walks into your home, they should feel like they need to take their shoes off so they don’t ruin the immaculate floors. The idea is that the buyer should be able to say, “This is exactly how clean I’m going to keep my house”. Again, this is to allow the buyer to see themselves in that space.


3. Remove personal pictures. This is so important and more often overlooked! The buyer, although they know that someone else has owned this home before actually wants to walk into the home and feel,  “It’s been our’s the whole time!” So, pack away your pictures and store them neatly in a closet, you’re going to be moving in no time, and it’s one less thing you have to worry about later.


4. Clean baseboards. This may seem like a minor detail, but as the buyer is perusing your home they are looking from ceiling to floor and everything in between. Dirty, dark baseboards are indication that the house was probably not taken care of. If everything is clean and orderly they are bound to be left with a great impression, and yes, that means, CLEAN YOUR BASEBOARDS!


5. Hide or discard pets toys and beds. I know Toto means the world to you, I get it, but not everyone is a fan of pets. With that said, you must make it appear as though the pet either, 1, doesn’t exist, or 2. is limited to certain areas of the house, and is kept very clean and orderly. If your agent requests to take photos of your home, ensure the pet bed is not in those pictures. It could be a HUGE deterrent for potential buyers as they decide whether they will see your home or not.


Leaving those things out and about could cost you dozens of viewings.


6. Manicure the yard. Curb appeal is important because it’s the very first thing they see when they turn the corner and head to your home, and the last thing that they will see as they pull away from the driveway. Either do it yourself, or hire someone to clean up your yard, back and front. The money will be worth it in the end. It could be the deciding factor on how long your house stays on the market. First impressions are a lasting impression, let’s make yours count!


7. Thoroughly clean your bathrooms and caulk your bath tubs.  How would you feel if you walked into a bathroom and noticed that the shower or tub is black all around? When a buyer walks your home they want it to be as turn key as possible. If they can envision themselves showering there that very night they close on the house, it is tons of stress off their back. That buyer wants to walk in and live in there NOW, not after hiring someone to remove years of crust.  It may sound harsh, but caulk your tub, you will be a winner in the end because of it.


8. Order an inspection & fix things now. If you are concerned with issues that the buyer may discover during their own inspection, hire someone first! Yes, that’s right! At any time you could hire an inspector to come to your home and make annotations of things that are not incompliance. You are now one step ahead in the race. You know what exists and needs to be fixed. You can fix it before your buyer gets wind of it and it could speed up your closing time by 10-15 days! This is also a good time to consider what you will NOT be willing to fix and start thinking about how you’re going to deal with that in negotiations.  


"You must NOT get offended with the feedback that you receive from potential buyers." 


9. Change your mindset.  Ok, I get it, it’s hard to break ties with something you have held onto for so long, but you decided you wanted to sell for a reason and you have to stay true to that. With that said, not everyone is going to enjoy your home like you have. You must NOT get offended with the feedback that you receive from potential buyers. Those cabinets that you worked tirelessly to install and level are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. You MUST be open minded when it comes to selling your home. It’s a harsh reality that all of us have to come to terms with. If we want out of this house, we must make it appealing to buyers. Period.

10. Choose a trustworthy agent that understands your wants and needs. Statistics show that when a person chooses to “sell by owner” they are losing out on over $60,000 in a sell. Having said that, when you decide to list with an agent, make sure you know who you’re dealing with. Someone that is on YOUR side, not their own. Agents use their expertise to help in negotiating and because Agents have a fiduciary duty to you as clients they should be working with you to find you the absolute best deal... for YOU!

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