Travel Reminders: Holiday Safety

December 3, 2018


5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays


1. Install Motion Detector Lights & Cameras

These lights pick up motion and the sudden light may deter intruders that might be scoping out your house while you’re away. However this does little during the day so it's a good idea to install motion detecting cameras as well. They are easy to install and give you instant alerts to your smart phone of any motion detected. 


2. Suspend Mail/Newspaper

Delivery Statistics show that the number of people who are robbed during the holiday season increases by 18%, than any other time during the year. Don't let that be you! Take every precaution to reduce your risk. 


 3. Don’t Post on Social Media

 You are inviting the thieves into your home. We willingly share when and where we are on social media, and this information can be easily used. Wait until you return home to post pictures of your wonderful holiday vacation. 


4. Install Smart Plugins 

As long as you have WIFI, you can turn on lights inside of your home from wherever you are. Just plug any electronic into one of these smart plugins and you can turn it on and off using an app on your smart phone.

5. Invest in an alarm system 

There are systems you can install yourself or you can gowith a company. The sign posted in your yard stating that you are armed with an alarm system is one of the biggest deterrence for thieves. Plus if you have an alarm system, you can call your home insurance company and are likely to get a discount on your policy.


Be Safe & Happy Holidays! 

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